There are various ways of accessing your GreenNet email account on the web.

Our most modern webmail system is called Roundcube. It has a responsive design that adapts to your screen size and should work on any device with a web browser available. It offers functions for changing your email password, as well as PGP/GPG encryption of emails. After logging in you can choose between 3 different Roundcube interface skins, and there are various other options to change Roundcube's look and feel, so you can customise the interface based upon what you like. If you need to set a vacation/out-of-office message for your account, then you should use Squirrelmail instead.

The second one is called Squirrelmail. It has features like PGP/GPG encryption, email password reset, and the ability to set vacation/out-of-office messages. However, it may be a bit slower than Roundcube and works best on desktop and laptop computers and may not work so well on tablets and mobiles. If you are having any problems with Squirrelmail, then we recommend that you try Roundcube instead.

Our oldest webmail system is called IMP/Horde. If you have been with GreenNet for a long time you are probably familiar with this one. You can access it by clicking on the screenshot on the left.

Click on the image you prefer to log in securely using your GreenNet username and password.

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